Welcome to my Blog

I decided to use this method of keeping a journal regarding certain areas of my life. I want to remember where God has brought me from. I would also like to share it with world. Other people's blogs have inspired me to change. I want to be an inspiration to someone.


Day 22

I was sooooooooo bad today. I admit it. I am not going to feel bad about it though. I've noticed a couple things. I don't have any issues with water retention anymore. Whereas I started having to depend on prescribed diuretics on a regular basis I haven't taken them in 19 dys. The issue was brought on by my diabetes meds. I have a great digestive system. I don't have problems with my food moving through my system. I find that when I do eat solid food it moves through even quicker. That is a good sign. I really want to start running. I am just sooo busy. I might look into getting a treadmill. I don't like ellipticals. A good spinning bike would be awesome too. More excercise=better health.