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I decided to use this method of keeping a journal regarding certain areas of my life. I want to remember where God has brought me from. I would also like to share it with world. Other people's blogs have inspired me to change. I want to be an inspiration to someone.


Days 8-11....

Well I have been sticking with the one meal a day. Still trying to get 4 quarts of this stuff down. I have become more tolerant of the greens. I think I am going to have to get a juicer. I would like to juice the green leafy veggies and add the juice to the the fruit in the blender. I hate the texture of the greens.

I can't tolerate the fruts so much. I am going to have to stick with strawberries and blueberries. I will finish off the rest of the carrots gradually. The fruit and carrotts shoot my sugar up.

My smoothie today consisted of collard greens, celery, ginger, blueberries and water. It is ok.... I am trying to get the sugar under control so it is tolerable. I am not going to give up on this. I don't see any weight loss even though I know this is doing me all the good. I have probably lost weight I just don't see it where I want to. Plus I very seldom weigh myself. The weight will come off. It has to. There is no way I won't lose weight doing this. Also I have not felt fatigued at all.

Going forward I am going to transition back to solid food with at least 2 quarts of green smoothie a day. I am  leaning towards vegan low carb. Well I shouldn't say vegan because I plan to use egg whites. That is an animal product. Whatever..... I am trying to stay away from meat for a while or rather find healthier sources of protein. Any vegetable is game except starchy ones are out, and tomatoes will be kept at a minimum. I am still excited. I figure if I can so quickly become acclimated to the green smoothie I can do anything.

This is so awesome. Watch me get healthy and fit.  All you need to know is I started a week and a half ago at 230lbs. I'll keep you posted.

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