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I decided to use this method of keeping a journal regarding certain areas of my life. I want to remember where God has brought me from. I would also like to share it with world. Other people's blogs have inspired me to change. I want to be an inspiration to someone.


Day 2!!!!

Recap Day 1: Interesting day to say the least. My sinuses were already congested. Yesterday I had a lot of pressure. By 4pm I decided that I could not take another drop of the “grass shake” LOLOLOL!!! Needless to say that left me famished by6:00. I refused to binge on anything bad. So I hung out with the family for a bit. I started getting very drowsy, and the sinus pressure kept building. So I decided to get a sandwich from Subway. I got the chicken breast with loads of veggies. I ate some cookies to. So what it’s my life. I didn’t take any medicine. I used my saline nasal spray. After I ate, I talked to mom on the phone then passed out. It wasn’t even 8:00. I woke up at 12:00 ate a banana and an apple. Then went back to sleep.

Up in the day I did more research on the smoothie. I realized I didn’t set the blender properly. I also found that I can tolerate more fruit than I thought. I am making a gallon of smoothie. I am drinking it throughout the day. So, two bananas are not hitting my system all at once. Plus I am getting all of the fiber from blending my fruit, whereas a juicer would extract a considerable amount of the fiber. Yaaay more fruit and more blend = a tastier smoother smoothie. Ha ha!!

Day 2: Sinuses are open! I lost a pound. YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! A pound is a pound BABY!! I don’t mean to be graphic here people but this is my journal. I am allowing you to take this walk with me. So if you are sensitive or squeamish…..well you are on my porch.

Ok…. I didn’t eat any solid food yesterday until the evening. I don’t have issues with my bowels. I am regular on the regular. So this morning I passed the subway meal. That is perfectly normal for me. I weighed myself. -1lb WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!! That’s right!!!!

Smoothie ingredients: water, romaine lettuce, spinach, celery, cucumber, apple, banana, and strawberries. NOOOOOW we’re doin it. The flavor has improved significantly. The greens are nasty. They are going to be nasty until my body gets used to it. I am used to eating EVERYTHING else that is full of FATTY FAT FAT , Salt and sugar.

Question: if you knew you had a condition that was TERMINAL and someone told you that drinking only green leafy vegetables would prolong your life and very well reverse your condition, would you do it? Would you suffer the nasty taste of the greens for a chance to live and live better? I would!!!!!!!!! HEY I AM. Diabetes kills slowly and miserably. So does our typical diet.

Wait…. Did I tell ya I AM HEALED!!! All the damage that has been done shall be reversed. I prophesied that to myself by the authority of the Holy Ghost. You don’t believe it? Watch me!!!

Back to Day 2: I FEEL AWESOMELY AWESOME!!!!!! Listen, I am a coffee drinker. I looooooooove coffee from around the world. Therefore, I am accustomed to the effects of the caffeine. I haven’t had any coffee this week. That’s right! Today I feel like I had a large Iced Coffee from McDonalds. I have watched so many videos on You tube, read articles, and books. I see these people saying they have been on the juice feast for 90 days and they feel like flying. Yea I know I didn’t believe them freaks either. I do now. I see how people can do this long term. The thing is you are only depriving yourself of the enormous amount of calories, fat, processed food, refined sugars, dyes, etc. You are feeding yourself enormous amounts of vital nutrition. It doesn’t get any better than this. The challenge is opening yourself up to the available variety of veggies and fruits so that you don’t get bored with the flavor. Its there you just have to be open minded. I can’t wait to throw my ginger root in there. I need to find some vanilla bean. I bet that would be awesome. This is soooo cool. Ok time for my morning walk. Later….

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