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I decided to use this method of keeping a journal regarding certain areas of my life. I want to remember where God has brought me from. I would also like to share it with world. Other people's blogs have inspired me to change. I want to be an inspiration to someone.


Another Test
Aaronisa Barnes
My progress is infinite...

DAY 21!!!!!!!!!

Yes I made it, and I'm going to keep going. Yesterday's smoothie although really good is not an everyday thing. Man I quickly got tired of it. I think it's too much of a good thing. The avacado makes it really rich. I am not used to that I guess. I am ready to create my signature V8 juice. Wow I am so excited about it. So today's smoothie was the same as yesterday without the "A". No weighing until Monday. I am so ready to start running intervals. I think I will do that on my first break starting next week. Then wallk with the ladies at lunch and second break.


Day 20

Ok I skipped some days, but I was not online. Anyways I have lost another 4lbs effortlessly!!!!! WOOHOOOOOO!!!!

I have been experimenting with my green smoothies. I tried plain yogurt and OMG it made all the difference. Another important change I made was blending the greens in water very well first. Then add the yogurt and fruit. Today I tried avacado for the first time. Can you say HEEEEAAAAVEEEENLLLYYYYY!!!!

I made spaghetti on Sunday and didn't like it. I have been craving my green smoothies. Day 21 will not be a stopping point it will be a landmark. I can already say that this is definitely a part of my life now. I love this stuff. I can't wait to go to the doctor so that she can tell me for the first time in my life that I am no longer chronically anemic, and that I no longer need to take insulin. Then I get to tell her what I have been doing. This is sooooo awesome.

Today's smoothie: water, spinach, kale, celery, avacado, strawberry, banana, and yogurt. I am going to add a recipe list one day.

Hey you have got to try this. It isn't a fad or gimmick. This is the real deal. You don't have to do green smoothies just find a way to signifcantly increase raw vegetables into your diet. Concentrate on the green leafys. With my green smoothies I am sure I get twice the amount the FDA recommends, but I only use that as a guideline. We need way more.



Let me just say I feel phenomenal. No more drops in energy throughout the day.

 I started back walking this week, but not consistent. So I decided to start back walking with my collegues who are consistent year round year after year. They keep me motivated. We do a powerwalk for  fifteen minutes three times everyday. Oh yeah baby... the fat better get real scared REAL SCARED!!!!  I am so excited!!! Wow by the end of October woweeewowow!!!! I feel another Blog coming.

Smoothie today: Romaigne lettuce, carrots, cinnamon, and sweetener. This has worked awesome for my sugar. It tastes decent.

I feel good dunna nunna nunna na.... I knew that I would ....SO GOOD * * SO GOOD * * SO GOOD!!!


Day 13

Ok I let myself get super hungry this evening. So grandma bbqed some chicken. I ate some and two biscuits. I'm happy. Anyway I am still on point. That was my one meal. Of course that is not what I want to select long term but hey I'm still happy with me. I want to try adding some different things like plain yogurt, avacado, seeds, oooo and fresh coconut. I am getting so healthy from the inside out. I know this is going to be great down the road.


Days 8-11....

Well I have been sticking with the one meal a day. Still trying to get 4 quarts of this stuff down. I have become more tolerant of the greens. I think I am going to have to get a juicer. I would like to juice the green leafy veggies and add the juice to the the fruit in the blender. I hate the texture of the greens.

I can't tolerate the fruts so much. I am going to have to stick with strawberries and blueberries. I will finish off the rest of the carrots gradually. The fruit and carrotts shoot my sugar up.

My smoothie today consisted of collard greens, celery, ginger, blueberries and water. It is ok.... I am trying to get the sugar under control so it is tolerable. I am not going to give up on this. I don't see any weight loss even though I know this is doing me all the good. I have probably lost weight I just don't see it where I want to. Plus I very seldom weigh myself. The weight will come off. It has to. There is no way I won't lose weight doing this. Also I have not felt fatigued at all.

Going forward I am going to transition back to solid food with at least 2 quarts of green smoothie a day. I am  leaning towards vegan low carb. Well I shouldn't say vegan because I plan to use egg whites. That is an animal product. Whatever..... I am trying to stay away from meat for a while or rather find healthier sources of protein. Any vegetable is game except starchy ones are out, and tomatoes will be kept at a minimum. I am still excited. I figure if I can so quickly become acclimated to the green smoothie I can do anything.

This is so awesome. Watch me get healthy and fit.  All you need to know is I started a week and a half ago at 230lbs. I'll keep you posted.


DAY 7!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!

I made to day seven. Let's get right to it. Todays smoothie consisted of: romaigne lettuce, carrots, strawberries, blueberries, and bananas. It was really good. I will continue the jeast feast, but modify it to include a sensible meal a day.

I am still trying to transition away from meat. I still want my diet to be at least 75% raw. I am not saying I won't ever eat meat again. No way!!! I am going to siginificantly decrease it. I am losing my taste for it. That has happened to me off an on in life. I will NEVER EVER EVER NEVER give up SHELL FISH. 

Guess what.. I tried tofu today and LOVED it. I am definitely adding it to my diet. When I say diet I mean it in it's acutal definition. Your diet is what you eat, period. Teriyaki Tofu with chinese veggies (cooked by me of course) oooooo I can't wait. Man  there is so much more to enjoy, and it's healthy. I am really excited.

I can't tell if I lost any more weight, because I have been retaining a lot of fluid. That is because I haven't been drinking enough water. Drinking these smoothies I get tired of drinking. I got it in gear today though. I wish I had taken my measurements. Oh well. I am not going to focus on the weight. It will come off. I am concerned about getting healthy.


Day 6!!!!

Woweee wow wow wow...... It's day 6 already. Having tried different fruits I think I am going to stick with blueberries, strawberries and carrots for sweetness. I love the berry flavor the mostest.he he... The berries are low on the glycemic index. Carrots are not, but I could really use the nutrition in them. Plus they are super inexpensive and sweet. I am going to stick with spinach, kale, and celery, because they are super potent in eveerything that I need. They are also easy on my pocket.

I have had one solid meal that is moderate in portion size and did conting some meat. I didn't go crazy at all. Two of the days I was craving salt really bad so I ate some crackers.  I have not been able drink 3 quarts of green smoothie a day. Some days less. I need to get that last quart in. I have to time it perfectly so that I get them all in and then I don't have to worry about getting hungry. Sometimes I get wrapped up in responsibility and I miss the next one. This is what happens when we eat our regular meals. We skip meals because we are busy. then we are super hungry and eat for the current and missed meal. That is very destructive.

This is a learning experience. I don't expect perfection I expect to teach myself better habits and increase my discipline. That's why I didn't beat myself up for eating the one meal or the crackers on those days. I didn't got to Mcdonalds or Papa Johns. One day I ate a subway sandwich with loads of veggies. Sunday I ate one piece of baked chicken, one cup of black beans and yellow rice. It's still a far cry from whayt I would normally eat for a meal. Trust me...

I haven't weighed myself . I will  in the morning on DAY 7!!!!

I will start incorporating some mild excercise in daily. I can't do a lot because I am still not taking in a lot of calories. I am not going to pass out. Last week my "bod" was getting acclamated to the change and going through some other stuff. So I didn't push myself. I did start walking up the stairs. I go from floor to floor several times a day. Last week I was huffin and puffin. Today I jogged up the stairs. YAY..

The hardest part about this meal plan is staying organized. I am not hungry or deprived unless I skip a meal from being busy. I haven't been taking my iron Rx since I am eating "shrubbery" all day.

I am excited. I have decided to continue another week. Every Wed. I will decide whether or not to commit to another week or start transitioning  to more solid food . I'm pretty sure I'll be doing this for a while but I will only commit to one week at a time.

My ultimate goal is a High Raw Diet...


Days 3-5 LOL!!

It was a busy weekend. When are my weekends not busy. Well I weighed Sat. morning and I was down 2 more lbs. That's a total of 3lbs  in three days. That's all for this weekend. Now for today..... Smoothie: romaigne lettuce, kale, strawberries, rasberries, blueberries, banana, plum, annnnnd pear. Lovely!!!! The air  in our building has been out all day. We have been suffering all day. So I have nothing else to say. Tomorrow....prayerfully


Day 2!!!!

Recap Day 1: Interesting day to say the least. My sinuses were already congested. Yesterday I had a lot of pressure. By 4pm I decided that I could not take another drop of the “grass shake” LOLOLOL!!! Needless to say that left me famished by6:00. I refused to binge on anything bad. So I hung out with the family for a bit. I started getting very drowsy, and the sinus pressure kept building. So I decided to get a sandwich from Subway. I got the chicken breast with loads of veggies. I ate some cookies to. So what it’s my life. I didn’t take any medicine. I used my saline nasal spray. After I ate, I talked to mom on the phone then passed out. It wasn’t even 8:00. I woke up at 12:00 ate a banana and an apple. Then went back to sleep.

Up in the day I did more research on the smoothie. I realized I didn’t set the blender properly. I also found that I can tolerate more fruit than I thought. I am making a gallon of smoothie. I am drinking it throughout the day. So, two bananas are not hitting my system all at once. Plus I am getting all of the fiber from blending my fruit, whereas a juicer would extract a considerable amount of the fiber. Yaaay more fruit and more blend = a tastier smoother smoothie. Ha ha!!

Day 2: Sinuses are open! I lost a pound. YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! A pound is a pound BABY!! I don’t mean to be graphic here people but this is my journal. I am allowing you to take this walk with me. So if you are sensitive or squeamish…..well you are on my porch.

Ok…. I didn’t eat any solid food yesterday until the evening. I don’t have issues with my bowels. I am regular on the regular. So this morning I passed the subway meal. That is perfectly normal for me. I weighed myself. -1lb WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!! That’s right!!!!

Smoothie ingredients: water, romaine lettuce, spinach, celery, cucumber, apple, banana, and strawberries. NOOOOOW we’re doin it. The flavor has improved significantly. The greens are nasty. They are going to be nasty until my body gets used to it. I am used to eating EVERYTHING else that is full of FATTY FAT FAT , Salt and sugar.

Question: if you knew you had a condition that was TERMINAL and someone told you that drinking only green leafy vegetables would prolong your life and very well reverse your condition, would you do it? Would you suffer the nasty taste of the greens for a chance to live and live better? I would!!!!!!!!! HEY I AM. Diabetes kills slowly and miserably. So does our typical diet.

Wait…. Did I tell ya I AM HEALED!!! All the damage that has been done shall be reversed. I prophesied that to myself by the authority of the Holy Ghost. You don’t believe it? Watch me!!!

Back to Day 2: I FEEL AWESOMELY AWESOME!!!!!! Listen, I am a coffee drinker. I looooooooove coffee from around the world. Therefore, I am accustomed to the effects of the caffeine. I haven’t had any coffee this week. That’s right! Today I feel like I had a large Iced Coffee from McDonalds. I have watched so many videos on You tube, read articles, and books. I see these people saying they have been on the juice feast for 90 days and they feel like flying. Yea I know I didn’t believe them freaks either. I do now. I see how people can do this long term. The thing is you are only depriving yourself of the enormous amount of calories, fat, processed food, refined sugars, dyes, etc. You are feeding yourself enormous amounts of vital nutrition. It doesn’t get any better than this. The challenge is opening yourself up to the available variety of veggies and fruits so that you don’t get bored with the flavor. Its there you just have to be open minded. I can’t wait to throw my ginger root in there. I need to find some vanilla bean. I bet that would be awesome. This is soooo cool. Ok time for my morning walk. Later….


Day 1!!!!!

My starting weight is 225lbs. There is nowhere to go but down. I am sooooo excited to share this with you all. Last night I went and bought by first bunch of veggies and fruit to start my “Juice feast”. It’s actually a Juice fast, but since you are not fasting they call it a juice feast. I am going to use my super powerful blender, because I like all of the vegetable and fruit. I may get a juicer for variety.

Ok so I got kale, romaine lettuce, spinach, cucumber, apples, blueberries, strawberries, and lemon juice. I have to be careful with the fruit due to the diabetes. So this morning I made my first “green smoothie”. These consist of green leafy vegetables with a variation of fruit and other things for taste. I am not doing this for taste I am starting a healing process. My smoothie consisted of kale, spinach, cucumber, apples, and lemon juice. I made a full pitcher of it and divided it between eight pint size mason jars. I drink a pint every two hours. This ensures that my blood sugar stays normal (no spikes, no falls). How did it taste? It tasted like GRASS. LOL!!!!! I don’t care I am ready to live. This was so much fun. There is a learning curve which allows for much experimentation. It only needs to be perfect for me. I already have some ideas for tomorrow’s smoothie.

I am so grateful to the Lord for helping me to open my mind up to this way of life. This is a change to my lifestyle. I don’t care for the texture, but like I said there will be a lot of experimentation to tweak it. Today it’s new, it’s nasty, and I am going to drink all of it. I have researched this a lot and there are so many variations. I got to a point actually yesterday where I said enough!!! I have researched this enough I am ready to do it. I halted the excuses and made the sacrifice. Hey I gotta eat anyway!!! Plus I am going to save a lot of money. This year I had been having issues retaining water. I am certain that will be remedied over the next few days.

I am going to have to do video blogs at some point. I have so much to do.


The start of a new journey in my health...

My plan is to start phase one of my healing from Type II Diabetes. "I am healed". I declared it in January of 2004 when I was diagnosed with Kidney Failure. I determined that I will live and not die. I am believe God is able. I also believe that faith without works is dead. Not that God needs any action from us, but that we need to learn some things through our deliverance. I am about to walk out of sickness and unhealthiness into a life that God promised me. I talk to you more about it later. I will use my blog as my journal. Reading and watching other blogs via You tube and such has helped me tremendously. I want to share every step in this journey with you. I am only accountable to myself regading this. Every day and every hour of the day will be a choice to make. I have the right to choose one way or another. I am ready now. Look out for my next post tomorrow.